Thursday, July 7, 2011

New House

Today was an eventful day: Nathan and I closed on our second home.

So I basically arrived home from NOI earlier this week to a house filled with boxes up to my waist, packed by my wonderful husband and brother-in-law, in time to wade through the remaining mess and help with further packing to get ready to move.

We are by no means completely ready to move everything right now. We signed papers today at 2:00, and then we spent the afternoon and evening cleaning. We're hoping to start actually moving stuff over there tomorrow. The new house is only about five minutes away from our current house, so it's pretty convenient.

Our plan is to rent out the little house we bought two years ago while we live in our new, larger house.

Here's a photo from the realtor's website. {I'll post pictures of our own soon.}


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  1. Congratulations!! From one of your recent comments I thought you had moved already, but looks like you were wading through boxes in your first house waiting to be moved :). Do you need any help? I can't be out for too long due to the puppy, but if I can be of any assistance...I know how busy it can be!! Congrats guys must be so excited :)