Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 25th

One year ago yesterday Nathan and I signed the closing papers and bought our first house together! (May 25th is also my sister's wedding anniversary; all in all a good day I think.)

It has been quite a year, full of demolition and construction and squirrels in the walls and vines and dead branches all over the property needing to be cleared and gardens needing to be planted and a lawn consisting of more weeds than grass.

We still don't have a bed frame, but get along fine with our mattress on the floor!

I haven't yet convinced Nathan to let me paint the kitchen orange, but I'm still hoping.

And to be perfectly honest, Nathan's office today doesn't look much different than it did last May.

But we are having fun having our own place.

Coming soon: pictures of the vegetable garden my parents helped me put in when they visited earlier this month!

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  1. Rodents in the wall and battles with vines? Sounds like our house! But it is so satisfying when you win the battles and get everything the way you like it. I look forward to your garden pictures.