Monday, February 15, 2010

Vegan (or not) Pizza

I made the most delicious [almost] cheese-less pizza on Friday night. I used pesto sauce instead of tomato sauce for this pizza. If you're looking for a vegan recipe, make your own vegan pesto (there are lots of good recipes out there). If you're not vegan and/or are being lazy like I was, you can buy Trader Joe's pesto sauce to cut a few corners, but it has parmesan in it. If you're a cheese lover, you could put mozzarella on this pizza, but I always prefer my pizza without.

For this pizza, I just spread a whole wheat crust with pesto sauce and a little roasted garlic, then topped it with fresh baby spinach leaves, roughly chopped artichoke hearts, sliced red onion, and cashews.

Using cashews as a pizza topping had never occurred to me until a recent trip to Spokane, WA to visit a friend. We shared a pizza that had toasty cashews on top and it was delicious. That pizza was the inspiration for my own version.

Try it... you might like it!

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