Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beauty School Graduate

I was a little overdue for a hair trim, and I had a coupon from the Community Greetings gift bag we received when we moved in here for a free wash, cut, and blow dry. It seemed to be a somewhat upscale salon - probably a step up from the mall place where I usually get my hair trimmed - and I decided to give it a try.

It was at the salon that I discovered that you don't have to be a beauty school dropout to have quite possibly been a high school dropout...

I heard this alarming conversation unfold between the woman cutting my hair and a male stylist giving a haircut one chair over:

Him: ...something about coral reefs in North America...
Her: "What's North America? Where is that?"
Him: "Tell me you're joking."
Her: "No, really! Where's North America?"
Him: "You're in it."
Her: "It's here? This is it?"
Him: "Yes."
Her: "So what's South America? Is that like, Spain?"
Him: "Spain is in Europe. South America includes countries like Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile."
Her: "No way... I guess I'm not good at geography! Haha!"

(You can't make this stuff up, people. This conversation really took place.)

And I thought about saying, "Hey lady, I want him to cut my hair."

I know geography may not be necessary knowledge for a hair stylist, but there's just something comforting knowing the person wielding the scissors has a basic level of awareness, you know?

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