Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Settling In"

Moving is quite a process. How two people can accumulate about 80 boxes of stuff by their mid-twenties is beyond my understanding, and is a rather horrifying fact, but a fact it is - we have boxes and boxes of books, music, electronics, kitchen gadgets and utensils, clothing, and more. How did we fit all that stuff into our little apartment? And now that we're in our house, how is it that the stuff that fit in our apartment is practically spilling out of the house? I've unpacked almost all the kitchen stuff (with the help of my wonderful mother-in-law!), and more than half of our bedroom stuff, and most of our bathroom stuff, and a few other odds and ends here and there - and there are still boxes everywhere.

Let me put it this way: If someone broke into our house while we were out and ransacked the place, when we got back we probably wouldn't notice. For a few months.

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  1. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates, isn't it. We have a huge amount of boxes too, many of which we haven't even looked into for two years. I'm really curious to see what our response is when we finally get to open them all up again. Will it be "oh my goodness, why did we bother to pack all this junk!?!" or will it be, "oh, I'm so glad to finally get this out again!" I'm guessing it will be some of both, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might weigh more towards the first than the second!

    I wish you the best with all your unpacking and settling in - congratulations!!!