Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free Voice Lesson

This is a fabulous parody that will have you in stitches if you've ever known any singers.

My favorite lines include "A scale is something... it's on a piano... it's the notes of a piano," and "Singing higher... you lift your eyebrows up like this... and lift your chin." Classic!

I love how developed her character is, from how she pronounces the words "sing" and "singer" to her facial expressions. She's put up a bunch of other videos of her "Miranda" persona singing, like this hysterical rendition of the National Anthem, which seems to be in about three dozen different keys:

Lest you think she's seriously attempting good singing in these videos, I think she's actually a real singer - "Miranda" appears to be the alter-ego for Colleen, who has several singing videos here.


  1. I was just listening to these last night. The National Anthem is amazing because every note is a surprise - and yet's it's recognizable as that tune. It's wonderfully disorienting.

  2. I also really like that she has soprano and alto voices - it's like someone who can play violin and viola!