Monday, October 29, 2007

Swept Up

So the Sox swept the Rockies in the World Series, and FavoriteBoy and I are left with mixed feelings of nostalgia and relief - relief that we can finally begin to go to bed at reasonable hours now. I have a feeling I'll be catching up on sleep for the next week or so; all those nights of staying up until 1:30 am have taken a bit of a toll. Not that I'm complaining, because every minute was worth it. And in fact, now that the postseason is over, I'm missing it. Holly came over for a bit this evening and we found ourselves singing "Sweet Caroline" - just to prolong the experience by one more evening, I suppose. "So good! So good! So good!"

FavoriteBoy and I have decided that we'll go to at least one game next season. He has been to a game in Fenway Park before, but I never have. It'll be exciting! Plus, if you don't get the TV channel that season games are on, it's hard to be a fan until the postseason comes along. Obviously, the solution is to go to the games.

I stumbled across an article on espn called "Shut Up, Red Sox Nation," in which the author calls Red Sox fans "the most obnoxious fans in sports" and claims that "no one can stand to be around Red Sox fans anymore." The whole article brings to my mind that oft-repeated t-shirt slogan, "You have Red Sox envy!" In any case, in my opinion the litmus test of fandom is how the celebrities themselves feel. The Sox players love the fans and say so often, which probably means the fans are being respectful of privacy and keeping things under control. And hey, at least Sox fans don't wave towels...

Michael has an interesting post over at MMMusing about the active engagement of sports fans (and particularly Red Sox Nation) vs. the passive role experienced by classical concert-goers. It's a good read.

I guess I'll wrap up this post with a few photos shamelessly stolen from I love these guys.


  1. The Mrs. and I definitely went to bed before the end of game 4. Then we got up 10 minutes later to watch the rest of the game because we couldn't sleep. :)

    As for the Boheme thing, it is not over yet. I still have 2 more performances. I would suggest coming to the last performance, as that will be the best one and not as far away. :)

    - G -

  2. I was rooting for the Rockies (only 8 hours away from me - how could I not?), but I don't really have anything against the Red Sox and I fondly remember living and dying with them three years ago. I really wish they hadn't swept, though, because now the season is over and we are back in the Void. Sob.

  3. Hey! Those are three of my favorite pictures too!

  4. So... next season the Red Sox come down to play the Phillies in June. You guys come down for a game. I promise it will be cheaper than Fenway (not that the Fenway experience isn't worth it, of course).