Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Outcast Bridesmaid

My friends Cara and Gregg are getting married this weekend, and FavoriteBoy and I have the honor of being in the bridal party.

Unfortunately, actually getting my bridesmaid dress - and getting it in the correct size - proved to be a much more difficult process than it ought to have been! The right dress did finally arrive this Tuesday, but not before I started to get a little worried.

I guess it was the worry that prompted the dream: The other bridesmaids had pretty purple dresses, but I had purple satin overalls - ugly metal buckles and all. I couldn't find my strappy black heels, so I wore the purple overalls with white sneakers. (I'm so fashionable.) I didn't know what to wear under the overalls, so I pulled on a light blue shirt with white daisies all over it, strangely reminiscent of a shirt I had in seventh grade. (I was so cool in seventh grade.) The other bridesmaids tried to be nice at first, but then they scoffed at me and told me I was ruining all the pictures. I was a wedding outcast.

I woke up and reminded myself that the dress came, and it's here in my closet. No pant legs, and no buckles. I'm relieved.

(Now if I can just find a way to get rid of the sunburn on my right shoulder left over from my brother's wedding; sunburn shaped like the dress my nephew pooped on and not at all like the purple bridesmaid dress...)


  1. That's funny. I had one or two dress dreams before my wedding, including one where I showed up in jeans. I tried to find some meaning to them (other than a shallow subconscious), but eventually filed them away with the rest of the wedding stress dreams.

  2. I have very funny photos of you in the midst of the nephew-pooping event. They'll be ready in a few days...