Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Sisterly Email

Dear Jonny,

How do you have such rich friends? All this expensive stuff like Calphalon and Krups and KitchenAid has already been purchased off your wedding registry. You and Jenn are totally making a killing off this marriage thing! Tell me how you do it. Nathan and I had to buy our own KitchenAid, whine whine whine.

The reason I'm writing is, can you hook me up with some wealthy friends of yours to help fund our plane fares to NV? We've been selling our blood for medical studies every day to save up on cash, but we still don't have enough - and we're getting weaker by the day. We'll step it up to kidneys if we have to, but I've heard those things are kind of important.


1 comment:

  1. For those who don't understand my sense of humor, that was me kidding around with my little brother. He's getting married in a few weeks! And I'm not really selfish when it comes to KitchenAids, obviously. :) Jonny and I have a running joke that he and his friends are/will be wealthy (engineers) and I and my friends are/will be impoverished (musicians). So there it is!