Sunday, April 15, 2007

An English Tea Party

This afternoon I hosted a bridal shower for my dear friend Cara. Since Cara is from Great Britain, I decided on an English Tea Party theme. Here are a few pictures of the results of my efforts:

The invitations I made. I put dark purple cardstock onto a blank cream-colored note card and then put the purple bridal paper over that and vellum on top over all. I used cute purple fasteners to attach all the layers together and wrote on the vellum.

The table with all the goodies.
I made very delicate lemon cookies and put a lemon glaze over them. Yummy!
Scones, which were served with plum jam and lightly whipped cream (in place of clotted cream, which seems very complicated to make!)
Cucumber sandwiches. We had egg salad sandwiches, too.
Strawberries filled with whipped cream.
Such a pretty teacup...

The end.


  1. how lovely....i had a wonderful time! can we get those pictures printed so i can make up my little scrapbook?

    you're the best!

  2. sarah, everything looks so exquisite. when i get back, will you throw me a shower? we can make up some famous life event as an excuse ;).

  3. Beautiful, Sarah! I like the idea of a small shower. All the ones we've been throwing down here are rather huge - as many as 40 invitations going out (and you just can't make things as nice for that many people!) Did you guys have fun?

  4. Wow!!
    That was amazing Sarah!

  5. I want a shower, too! Can I share with Melissa? We could celebrate being in America. I want the whipped cream strawberries.

  6. Yes, me too! The comforts of American food, I'm drooling already.