Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Sneaky Wife

As some of you know, my FavoriteBoy has a hard time eating things that are good for him - namely, any and all fruits and vegetables. The texture makes him choke or gag. It's so sad; even things I've always thought of as 'treats' - strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, mmm! - are abhorrent to him.

Well, I want him to be healthy and live forever, or at least another 70 years with me, so I try to encourage him to try things whenever possible, and sometimes I even resort to sneakiness. Tonight, FavoriteBoy ate about a cup of steamed broccoli and red and green peppers.

I cooked it all, blended it up in my Magic Bullet, mixed it thoroughly into our spaghetti sauce, and served it up over whole wheat pasta with spicy chicken Italian sausage on the side! The broccoli changed the overall color of the sauce just slightly. As soon as Nathan had a bite, I asked him eagerly, "How is it? Does the sauce taste okay to you? Does it taste normal?" He said it was all delicious and tasted normal to him. So of course, I confessed my trickery since husbands and wives shouldn't have secrets or sneakiness between them. He still ate the whole plateful!


  1. You're so creative. :) What a good wife!

  2. I'm stunned that you would resort to such trickery, just to keep Nathan healthy. Good job Sarah!

    Love you,

  3. Sarah,

    I must confess that it warms my heart to catch little glimpses of you and Nathan coupling like that and being so happy. As in "Wow, real people that I really know [sort of] are sharing their lives in this day and age and it's bliss for them. They're not simpletons living a stunted existence, but they _are_ so very happy together." It's like a little artesian wellspring of hope for all my old romanticized hopes for the future =) and for Nathan's part, I don't understand his aversion to good food but will pray (at least a few times) for the poor gentleman =)

    - Charlie