Thursday, October 5, 2006

To-Do List


1. Church
2. Reception hall
3. Officiant
4. Bridal party
5. Invitations
6. Cake
7. Flowers
8. Photographer
9. Bridesmaids' dresses
10. My dress (insert sigh of relief and vast quantities of gratitude to my Mom)

Yet to be done (eek!):

1. Catering (insert scream of terror -- yes, there are only three short months left until the wedding!!!)
2. Music (it's all sort of worked out in our heads and unofficially arranged with friends, but we still need to nail down the specifics, FavoriteBoy still needs to arrange some of our pieces for the ensembles we'll have, and we still need to book a harpist. And figure out what to do for background music for part of the reception.)
3. Slide show? Or something like this to take up time at the reception and entertain guests? Or maybe a slide show is tacky. I can't decide. Eep. Help! (No, I take it back. DON'T help. I'm tired of hearing everyone's ideas, suggestions, and even demands. Whatever happened to "Aw, you're getting married. This is YOUR special day." Yeah, right.)
4. Decorations (Have many, many ideas, but haven't actually done any practice centerpieces yet, called about rental linens, etc.)
5. Tuxedo rentals for the dudes involved.
6. Accessories (shoes, earrings, Grandma's pearl necklace to be restrung, and a veil to be made by my incredible Mother!)
7. Transportation
8. I guess most people actually go somewhere after the wedding... yeah... we haven't really figured that out yet...
9. Accomodations for family and friends... reserve block of hotel rooms, and find free housing from church members for out of town friends if possible.
10. Marriage license!
11. Finalize liturgy/ceremony order
12. Make programs
13. Finish registering
14. Gifts for all involved in wedding
15. Rehearsal dinner


In order to be able to do all these things, I think I need to quit my babysitting job for the bratty two-year-old. But if I do that, I won't have as much money. And right now, I really need money. It's a catch-22.


  1. Oh, I wish I were there and could help you! Hang in there!

    By the way, I have no suggestions. You're getting married and it is YOUR day. :)

    Love you!

  2. I have no suggestions either - well, except for... Just kidding, please don't hurt me. :-)

    We're really looking forward to being there for it, and I'm glad you're not eloping - even though I'm sure the temptation is vast! I'm sure it will all be wonderful, even if some of these things don't get done, or don't get done quite like you had hoped.

  3. don't forget those wedding bands...kind of an integral part of the service, if i remember correctly.

    and again, my services are at your disposal. just say my name...