Friday, March 24, 2006


Thanks for the comments, Emily and Rebecca. I gave my arm a week's rest (for the most part), and this week it's been feeling a lot better. I've started practicing again, in small doses at a time. The senior recital is still up in the air.

Last weekend I got to play in Symphony Hall. The Massachusetts All-State festival was held there, and the all-state choir had one piece with a solo violin part - I got asked to play it, and who would turn down a chance to play in Symphony Hall? So that was fun.

Kate has been accepted as an assistant teacher in Austria for the coming year... so she has at least one potential plan, while I still have pretty much none. Starbucks offers good benefits, including health, dental, and vision insurance - and you only have to work 20 hours a week to qualify for a benefits package. That's sounding somewhat tempting along about now.

My two violin students quit, which was rather discouraging for me. Even though these students were absolutely horrible, never practiced, didn't focus, and didn't respect my time, I feel like a failure as a teacher to have them stop taking lessons. Plus, I really needed the money. Boo.

I went to the gym every day this week. Yeah, I'm amazing.

Time to practice Prokofiev!


  1. I'm glad your arm is better. Be gentle to yourself, sister mine!

    About starbucks...I know coffee shops aren't your favorite since the lovely experience back in high school, but I can see you doing very well there. You have a fun sense of humor and a good smile and I think you could cheer people up. And my favorite Starbucks are the ones with people like you in them. For what it's worth. Plus you could work fewer hours and still teach or something, right?

  2. A student of mine quit over Christmas break. He was horrible, never practiced and wasted my time too, but I still felt like a bit of a failure too...and I really needed that money. It isn't pleasant losing a kid(s).