Monday, February 7, 2005

Obnoxious Singer Divas

Choir is driving me crazy. Mean people are bad news. Everyone needs to chill out. We can take pride in our work and do things with excellence without becoming snotty to one another. These diva attitudes make me so unhappy... and mad, too.

Also, today The Prick made the most horrid comment. I was talking about how it's difficult having the class general recitals so early in the semester, because when I'm starting new repertoire, it's hard for me to have something really polished for a recital just two or three weeks into the semester. The Prick felt it his duty to tell me, "And you have a full recital of your own this semester? I'd suggest you start learning your repertoire." No kidding. I was thinking I'd wait until the day before my recital to start practicing. Thanks for the advice, Prick... and for the condescension. Not everyone works on the same repertoire for several years in a row like you singers do. Some of us have teachers who hand us a full recital program of new repertoire - four months before that recital is expected to occur.

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