Wednesday, December 27, 2017

{catching up}: Molly at seven months

In taking stock of my ever-expanding and never-shrinking To Do List, I realized that not only am I overdue to take some nine month photos of Molly, but I never took eight month photos of her, and I never uploaded or posted the seven month photos.  I think this would be an apropos moment for an ironic hashtag along the lines of #winning, or something like that.  

Well, at seven months she weighed in at just shy of 17 pounds, as I recall, and she had just had her first hair trim given by yours truly.  No teeth yet (although she's got a couple now!), no babbling yet, lots of army crawling / scooting around the house, her dirtied belly a constant and demoralizing reminder to me that we really ought to mop our floors.

She delights in us, and we delight in her.  Family is fun that way.

And saving possibly the cutest picture for last:

Seriously, this kid could take up baby modeling and earn a million dollars overnight.  I know, I'm biased.  But seriously.

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