Monday, April 6, 2015


Happy Easter!

Since Nathan is director of music at a church, Easter Sunday morning found me getting up at 5:00 am, hurrying bleary-eyed children out to the car, and playing my violin in the church orchestra for three consecutive church services.  {Nathan's arrangements were glorious, as always.}  In between playing, I dashed back and forth between the different nurseries the girls were in to check in on them and nurse the baby as needed, and even found a few spare minutes to drink coffee and chat with people.

These sweet kiddos endured the very long morning as well as anyone could expect, and we made it home by around 2:00 for naps {for the kids, although I wished I could take one, too!} and dinner preparations.

As we often are on holidays, we were joined by good friends for food and conversation.  Ten adults, three toddlers, and three babies made for some good old-fashioned chaos.  The toddlers gathered plastic eggs filled with candy, stickers, and other such goodies.

We sat down to ham, potatoes, green beans, roasted carrots and parsnips, rolls, and a salad.  The dishes were a bit mis-matched out of necessity, and I realized as I looked at the set table that it's a lucky predicament to have more friends than one has matching dishes.

For dessert there was carrot cake, flourless chocolate cake, key lime pie, and more.

I made and tasted my first coconut cream pie.  Let's just say it surely won't be my last.

That was our Easter in a nutshell.  Sunday morning the house was the cleanest and tidiest it's been in a while, and now it's quite messy.  We are exhausted and I, for one, am a bit headachy from too much sugar {see above}.

Today, Monday, consisted of the usual post-holiday vicious cycle.  Decide to have a small piece of leftover carrot cake for breakfast with coffee because, after all, it's Easter.  Feel blah after eating said cake.  Resolve not to eat any more sugar.  Drink some water.  A few hours later, reach for a few of those dark chocolate coconut almonds.  Eat a few more than planned.  Feel gross and lethargic.  Resolve not to eat any more sugar.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Until all the sugary things in the house have been consumed, I'm sure.

I went for a run to assuage my guilt at eating so many sugary things.  It worked so well, I'll be ready to eat more sugary things tomorrow!

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  1. Happy Easter! You have a beautiful family. These big church feast days sure are a lot of work, aren't they... Especially for mom. I often think I'd like to be more Mary than Martha on these holidays, but that doesn't seem to be my lot in life.