Saturday, February 7, 2015

{Playing Catch-Up}: Ree at Six Months

I should really just give up, seeing as this girlie is nearly nine months old already and when we last discussed the little lady, she was five months.

No, no, I shall press onward!

Because look at that six month old smile:

I mean, really.

A chubster, to be sure, but our frame of reference is so skewed by how incredibly chubby Nell was that Ree seems downright petite to us.

Ree at six months old.  Sitting like a champ, toppling over occasionally, picking up anything and everything she wanted to.

Frequently, enthusiastically, and lovingly attacked by her big sister.

Not a fan of being on her tummy, and quick to roll right over to a more desired position.  Even quicker to fuss to be picked up.  Lover of being held, lover of tickles, lover of raspberries blown on her tummy.

No teeth, nary a one, and we couldn't possibly love that toothless mouth any more.

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