Monday, January 26, 2015

Nellisms, vol. 3

This kiddo keeps racking up the hilarious statements, so clearly, it's time to document them once again.  Photos were taken back in December.  (Thank you, Captain Obvious... I know.)

Uncle Andrew: Come here! Let me squish your belly!
Nell: No... let ME! (proceeds to squish her own belly)

* * *

Evidence that her negotiation skills are ever improving:

Nell: Can I have a cookie please, Mommy?
Sarah: Yes, you'll get to have a cookie after dinner.
Nell: But could I have a bite now please?
Sarah: After dinner.
Nell: Okay, just a teeny weeny bite?
Sarah: After dinner!
Nell: Okay, could I have just a neeeeble? ('nibble')

* * *

Sarah: Please don't kick.
Nell: I wasn't kickin', I was flappin' mine toes.

* * *

Narrating her activities to Ree:

Nell: I'm eating applesauce, Mawee.
Ree: ...
Nell: In my monkey pouch.  Mmm.
Ree: ...
Nell: Applesauce, Baby Wee.  See?  Applesauce.
Ree: ...
Nell: Wee!  HELLO.  TALK!

{wondering why she wasn't getting much feedback, I suppose.}

* * *

Nell: Wow Mommy wow you... combed... your... hair!  It looks so pretty!  So cute!  Can I touch it?

{Contrary to how this sounds, I actually comb my hair daily.}

{that's Nell jumping, by the way.}

She's getting pretty perceptive.  I squeezed my eyes shut one afternoon when they were feeling dry, and she said, "Oh mommy, you are fwustwated.  I'm so so so so sowwy."

And one evening, I breathed out heavily and Nell intoned with all the exhaustion of a mother at the end of a long day, "I wonder when Daddy be home."  Wonder where she's heard THAT line before?

{her ubiquitous "silly face"}

Climbing the stairs at Daddy's work: "I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so big."

* * *

Sarah: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Nell: Daddy.  No, Mommy.  No, Baby Wee.  No, Mommy.

* * *

Sarah: I like you, Nell.
Nell: I like you too, sweetie.

I scooped her up to hug her.  She very reasonably shrieked, "Don't eat me!!"

And because apparently we talk about gobbling up babies around here, she hugged Ree one day, gazed at her adoringly, and then asked, "Mommy, can I eat her?"

* * *

Aunt Hannah: Baby Ree is a potty genius!
Nell: No... I'M a genius!

{She never hams it up for the camera, this one.  Never.}

Getting ready to go to a Christmas party one afternoon:  "We're going to a party and, and, a PARTY, and, and, and, we'll get to DRINK WATER!!!!"

{We don't get out much, it would seem.}

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