Monday, August 13, 2012

California Trip, Day 4

Nell and I spent the morning of Day 4 still up at the lake, after 'camping' in the back of my sister Emily's van.  Then we enjoyed the drive back down to Nevada City with Jonathan and Jenn, stopping for sandwiches and smoothies along the way.  Poor Nell was not altogether in favor of the drive; she screamed quite a bit of the way, I think due to the change in elevation bothering her ears.  Poor baby girl.

Poor Jonathan and Jenn, too.

That evening we enjoyed a family dinner with the twelve of us in the immediate family, and then the extended family in the Nevada County area came over for dessert.

Everyone got to meet Nell, and it was great to see grandparents, cousins, and an aunt and uncle while we were in California.

Nell with her Great Grandmother:

Four generations of Sawtelle / Palmer women:

The next morning, we drove to Sacramento to drop off my brother Christopher for his flight.  Mine didn't leave for a few more hours, so Mom, Dad, Nell and I had time to get coffee at Panera.

Then it was back to the airport to begin a long day of flying.  Traveling with an infant is a little more complicated than traveling alone, but Nell was so good.  All the flight attendants were charmed by her, and her fellow passengers remarked how sweet and quiet she was.

I'm so glad we got to make this trip!  It was a whirlwind, with two full days of travel and only three full days spent in California, but what wonderfully full days they were.

I'm especially glad that Nell got to see her Grandma again:

And meet her Grandpa!

{Okay, so nobody said she was a perfect baby.  I guess she wasn't interested in cooperating for that particular photo op with Grandpa.}

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  1. I am so glad Nell did well on the flight back too! Isn't it amazing how well that family picture turned out?