Tuesday, May 8, 2012

life in headlines

Life revolves around baby preparations; excitement builds as "D-Day" approaches

Mother- and father-to-be stay up until 1:00 am assembling crib and hanging curtain rods

Soon-to-be mother bemoans pregnancy "fat face;" dramatically states will not appear in public

"When will Baby arrive?" is the question on everyone's lips; parents keep busy as they wait

Boy or Girl?  It won't be long now until we know, if projected due date is accurate

Midwife declares Baby to be perfectly-sized and growing quickly

Mother-to-be requires occasional help out of bed; abdominal muscles are a thing of the past

Swollen, achy hands and feet worsen as time goes on and weather grows warmer

Mother and Father seek to reach agreement on cute, functional light fixture for nursery

Mother-to-be enters Babies 'R' Us with gift cards in hand; quickly overwhelmed by selection!

Glider chair found on Craigslist for $30 should be able to be fixed up in parental team effort

Expectant Uncle Andrew urges Baby to come soon so the fun can begin

Decision to cloth diaper will save $ and environment while still proving feasible, parents hope

Soon-to-be Mother plans to eat spicy Thai by week's end; are rumors of natural induction true?


  1. I love your adorable baby already.

  2. So fun! I wish that spicy had worked for me...I was eating jalapenos by the jar at the end with Emma...it just didn't cut it :-) I hope it works for you!