Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sailboat mobile

Look what arrived in the mail last week!

It's a sailboat mobile for Baby, handmade by my Dad and Mom.

Can you believe it? They made it!

My Dad actually used to be a naval architect before he became an engineer. He had a boatyard and built racing yachts. So over the past few months, when my parents were working on this project, every time I talked to Dad he'd tell me how much fun it was to have a "boatyard" again.

Dad took these pictures so we could see the finished product as soon as it was done, before he shipped it to us. I'm sure I'll add pictures of my own once we have some semblance of a nursery, and a place to hang this beauty.

Right now it's hanging from our dining room chandelier. Why, you ask?

Well, I needed somewhere to hang it for the time being, and I wanted it to be somewhere where I could look at it all the time. Because looking at it makes me happy.

And I think it will make Baby happy. What baby, boy or girl, wouldn't like gazing up at those colorful boats?

Is this little baby loved, or what?


  1. WOW, that turned out beautifully! That is the sort of gift that you keep forever and pass down to your children. I think it is awfully cool that our parents can create this kind of thing. :)

  2. Sarah -- this looks beautiful! I love the colors and the design. I know your baby will love looking at it :)