Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I just logged into an email account I hadn't checked since April.

Yeah, things have been busy I guess. Kind of forgot about that email account.

After deleting all the spam and junk mail, I narrowed it down to only about 30 emails that might actually be intended for me.

Some of them were.

Others were not, such as an email from someone offering condolences on the death of my "mum" (I hope not!), a message from "Grandma Ginger" with twenty X's and O's at the end, and one from someone I've never heard of saying she'd be visiting me on the 28th.

There was also one from a "Mom" I didn't know I had, saying we'd be taking a vacation to a lakefront resort. Maybe I should write her back and ask for more details.

And then there were all the emails from a group of housemates discussing rent payments, chore charts, and other such things.

I bet they're all annoyed at the Sarah that lives with them, because she probably hasn't been paying her rent or doing her chores, seeing as I was getting all her emails.

So, I can only conclude that there are disadvantages to having an email address consisting of an extremely common first name followed by a somewhat common last name (my maiden name) followed by a very common email provider.

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