Thursday, August 4, 2011

Northern CA Trip, Day 4

This morning my Mom and I watched my three nephews while my sister had some time to herself. Mom served the boys a fun lunch of pineapple, cottage cheese, and various fruits and vegetables they could use to make "faces" for their lunches.

Even with a silly pineapple face for a lunch, Thomas prefers to be serious for photos.

Until tickled by his grandmother, that is.

I made the boys my magic banana ice cream for dessert, with peanut butter and chocolate chips tossed in after the frozen bananas had reached a nice soft serve consistency in the food processor. They loved the "ice cream," and Jonathan even asked, "Do you think you could give my mom your recipe for this? I really want her to make it."

While the nephews napped, I designed a new blog header. I guess I was just tired of the old one. I still need to tweak some things in terms of margin alignment and overall color scheme, but I think I like my new header.

In the afternoon we went over to my brother Jonathan and his wife Jenn's new house, where we swam in their pool for several hours. Sadly, I have very few photos, because once I jumped in the pool I didn't want to get out. I did get a picture of Josiah crouched at the water's edge.

After swimming there was a delicious taco dinner prepared by Jenn, and we got to enjoy playing with their cute cats, Nip and Nap (short for Catnip and Catnap).

And when I got home, my evening ended on a humorous note with an email from my brother-in-law Andrew, who wrote:

"It's boring without you around. Nate I can do without. ;)"

Tomorrow is our last day in California!

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