Sunday, March 13, 2011


The sky has been bluer of late.

The days are getting longer.

Last night I didn't have a gig.

Today I didn't have any obligations at all.

I went to church - the church we started attending after Nathan resigned his position as organist and music director at our old church - because I wanted to, and my spirit was lifted and revived.

Nathan and I both sing in the choir, and we get to sit side by side.

We sang Handel this morning.

The people at this church are nice.

Nathan and I had lunch with a friend afterwards.

Then we all decided to take an excursion to Whole Foods, because I won a $25 gift card from my school in a healthy-meals-nutrition-competition, for my submission of a photo of my breakfast.

Then the three of us spent an impromptu evening with a fun-loving, young-at-heart, wonderful woman. We ate too much good food and drank just enough good wine and laughed a lot.

I wish I had more weekends like this one.

But guess who's on spring break now?

Me, that's who!

Sure, I have to teach all my students and play three rehearsals and three shows and write a final paper, but so what?

After a day like today, nothing can rain on my euphoric parade!

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  1. Ah, this was a refreshing day compared to some of your others during the last few months! Glad it came along! And I hope you have a few others like it within your week of Spring Break...