Monday, February 21, 2011

Glee Style

I think some of the outfits featured on Glee are totally fabulous.

I recognize that Glee takes place in a high school.

Does this make me juvenile?

Rachel recently wore this gorgeous Harvested Honey Coat from Anthropologie:

And Quinn looked so cute in the Anthropologie Walk With Me Dress:

I also loved Quinn's knit pixie hat, which everyone seems to want but no one seems to know where to get:

[Guess I should learn to knit.]

Not all the looks sported by the cast of Glee are in the Anthropologie-and-up price range, though; a lot of the outfits Quinn, Brittany, and the others wear are from everyday affordable hotspots like H&M. So even if you can't belt show tunes like Rachel, you can dress like she does if you want to! [Remember, no reindeer sweaters.]

The Sartorialist even got [and then gave] a shout-out on Glee recently, for purportedly naming Brittany "the trendiest girl in America."

Oh, and hey Glee, using leg warmers as arm warmers is the newest fashion?

I totally refashioned a pair of clearance Target knee socks into a pair of arm warmers last winter. Does that count as cool?

[I'm the freshest trendsetter around and I didn't even know it.]

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