Wednesday, November 3, 2010


One week ago Nathan and I both had papers to work on during the course of the same evening, and realized that we were probably not realistic to think that we could make it through two years of simultaneously being in grad school with one desktop computer to share.

We took a trip to the Apple store. We weighed pros and cons. We concluded that while the new Air was sexy, the MacBook Pro was better suited to my needs. Also, it was more affordable, and came with a bigger discount for students!

I felt very nervous about spending money on a laptop, and after we got home I left my new MacBook in the box for about an hour before biting the proverbial bullet and removing her from her packaging so I could get to work on my assignment.

As soon as I pulled her out of the box, I hugged her to my chest and exclaimed, "SHINY!!!" while laughing gleefully. I was in love. Nathan pooh-poohed this spectacle, saying, "You're so weird." (No one understands me like you do, Shiny. Outsiders cannot understand our love.)

She has been called Shiny ever since, and even Nathan has begun to refer to her by her given name.

Oh Shiny, you sleek, beautiful creature. From grad school assignments to blogging (and everything in between), I think the two of us will have a great future together.


  1. I love that you named your computer! Sounds like a match made in heaven :) Good luck with the papers.

  2. I completely understand this. We made the jump to a MacBook Pro in August, and I couldn't stop staring at it. I still love it, and it was worth the expense! It's so pretty!!!