Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grad School So Far

On the one hand:
Pointless orientation activities: Not Fun.
Non-informative mandatory meetings: Not Fun.
Meeting tons of singers at least five years my junior: Not Fun.
Taking Exams: Not Fun.
Driving in and out of Boston every day: Not Fun.

On the other hand:
Passing Exams: Fun!
Selecting and registering for classes: Fun!
Meeting a violinist who did her undergrad at St. Olaf: Fun!
Meeting a 26-year-old violinist who's taken Suzuki courses like I have, and is eager to share notes and thoughts with me: Fun!

On another note:
Hearing all the other violinists talk about how they've been practicing the excerpts for Sunday's ensemble placement auditions: Guilt-inducing.

Making new acquaintances that could grow into good friendships: Priceless.

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