Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Longest Night

Today is the 66th anniversary of 6/6.


I have never been to the Normandy American Cemetery. I've never walked on the shores where our men landed or seen this place where everyday American men became heroes and turned the tides of the war.

But I am told by a friend who has looked on those rows of crosses and stars that visitors to that historic site can read the following inscription:

The American Cemetery at Colleville:
The Longest Night

At the top of the plateau overlooking Omaha Beach, gently sloping down to the sea, whence came the liberators, this plot of French soil has been given over in perpetuity to the United States. Here lie nearly 10,000 soldiers.

On a low wall, around the monument, figure the names of the 1,557 soldiers whose bodies were never found.

Look how many of them there were
Look how young they were
They died for your freedom
Hold back your tears and keep silent.

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