Friday, January 22, 2010

A Poverty Story

Ashleigh posted a link on her charming blog to an op-ed by David Brooks on the subject of Haiti: The Underlying Tragedy.

"This is not a natural disaster story. This is a poverty story. It’s a story about poorly constructed buildings, bad infrastructure and terrible public services."

That quote reminds me of very similar words spoken by my husband when I first told him about the earthquake. He said, with compassion, that when natural disasters strike third world countries, the results are almost always devastating.

There is a bigger problem that needs to be solved than aid for today, although that is terribly important. How can Haiti have safer, more secure tomorrows?


  1. Thanks for including the link to this article. I printed it out and Eric and I went through it over morning coffee yesterday. Thought provoking, well presented - it made for great conversation. Aunt Sharan

  2. I'm putting together a research packet for a colleague going to Haiti, and just came back to find this article (I read it a few weeks ago when you posted it). Thanks for the pointer - it was very helpful!