Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Week in CT

I'm leaving in just a few minutes to drive to Connecticut, where I'll be attending the Hartt Suzuki Institute for the next week, taking a training course for teachers. I'm excited to learn how to be a more effective teacher, but I'm a little sad to leave Nathan for a week.

I'm leaving him with two pizzas in the freezer, several boxes of macaroni and cheese, bread and ham and cheese, and other bachelor-friendly meals that can be quickly and easily prepared. I'm pretty sure he'll eat both pizzas tonight, and then go buy about twelve more to get him through the rest of the week. And I think he'll have so much fun eating unlimited pizza, watching the random documentaries that interest him each evening, and playing loud music at the piano until the wee hours of the morning, that he won't even miss me!

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