Friday, June 12, 2009

House Update

Pictures of our new house, including the garbage disposal Nathan installed for me for my birthday, will be coming soon... I promise. The stars have to align for me to find my camera, my memory card, and my battery charger all at the same time amidst these piles and boxes!

We're having a little house-warming party tomorrow afternoon, so we have a definite incentive to get things done around here. We were the fortunate recipients of some free old library shelving - the nice wooden kind! - and having floor-to-ceiling shelving in the office is making the organization of dozens of boxes of books and sheet music much, much more manageable.

Last night Nathan and I hauled two bookcases upstairs to my teaching studio, and I proceeded to spend the evening organizing all my teaching materials and violin music upstairs. The studio is still a work in progress, but I'm liking the results already.

We've spent lots and lots of time outside clearing back overgrowth of vines and brambles, digging up excessive amounts of day lilies, and putting in a few new plants and seedlings here and there - including a small vegetable garden space Nathan rototilled for me. Picture of our backyard, which I love, are forthcoming.

I'll also post pictures of the downstairs bathroom, one of the first rooms I tackled after our move because it just felt so weird to be using what still felt like someone else's bathroom. I put on a new toilet seat (no help from the husband required!), bought a shower curtain I absolutely love, and together with lots of cleaning and a few other small touches, it now feels like ours.

In fact, the whole place is slowly becoming ours.

(I'm glad, because we didn't like the feeling of living in someone else's house.)


  1. Cannot wait to see pictures!!!! Sounds like you guys have been quite industrious! :) Congrats again.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and the house live and in person! It sounds amazing.

    ~ h