Monday, March 16, 2009

Veggie Update

I've been a vegetarian for six weeks now, and I love it.

Now I think I need one of these t-shirts: veggie girl and/or give peas a chance. Cute.

If you're the least bit interested in vegetarianism or veganism, you can order a free starter kit with information, recipes, and more here or here. Or if you're eager to find out more right away, you can read a brochure online here.

It's interesting that the most common comment I get about becoming a vegetarian is, "You'd better make sure you get enough protein." In actuality, few if any people living in developed countries run the risk of protein deficiency. As for me, I'm just depending on different sources of protein - and unlike meat products, my protein sources are rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates instead of cholesterol and fat.


  1. Hi Em - thanks for the comment. I actually think MOST vegetarians approach the lifestyle with forethought and attention to nutrition, although I'm sure there are a few (a minority) who give up meat and replace it with cheez-its or something!

    In answer to your question, no. Once or twice since becoming vegetarian I've smelled Nathan eating buffalo chicken and found myself wanting a bite, but I realized it was only the spiciness, not the taste or texture of the chicken itself. And deep-fried chicken isn't healthy, so I knew I *shouldn't* have it, anyway. I dipped a celery stick in hot sauce instead of eating chicken, and that was that. I don't really crave meat, and quite the opposite, the thought of it is generally unappetizing these days. A couple of times in the past month and a half I've grilled Nathan a hamburger and made myself a bean or veggie burger - delicious. Much better than beef.

  2. Hi Sarah! I LOVE your updates and I'm so jazzed that you're happy with your vegetarianism decision. Have you found a good solution to the vitamin B12 problem? Or do you just take pill supplements?