Saturday, September 27, 2008

Single for the Weekend

For the first time in almost 21 months of marriage, FavoriteBoy has left me for TWO WHOLE DAYS. He and his brother Andrew are on their way to Philly to attend a concert of the Philadelphia Orchestra with the Wanamaker Organ. I am staying behind because I have a gig playing in the pit orchestra for an operetta.

I spent the morning trying to decide what to do with myself for the day, an entire Saturday without my husband. I thought maybe I'd treat myself to a massage. I've never had one before, and in fact, I promised myself one if I ran a 10K, which I did - but then once I did it I decided it wasn't really impressive enough to merit a massage, so I never got the massage, after all. Then I thought maybe I'd go buy myself Mexican food for lunch - after the massage - since I love Mexican and FavoriteBoy does not. Then I thought I'd go to Target, because I just like walking through Target and looking at things. Then I thought maybe I'd call a friend - catch up with someone I haven't seen in a while, perhaps, or meet a good friend for coffee.

So that's what I imagined doing.

You know what I think I'll actually do?

Go to the gym. Call my parents to say hi. Hem a pair of pants. Clean the kitchen. Practice my violin. Go play the show tonight - which is quite a hilarious operetta, by the way. Get home around 10:30. Hope FavoriteBoy calls. Tuck into bed so I can go to church in the morning, be alert for the matinée performance at 3, and then do an eight-mile run after that.

The thing is, eating out, browsing through stores, or going out with friends just doesn't seem that fun without FavoriteBoy!

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  1. I think you deserve a massage. A 10K is quite impressive! And it's never too late.