Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rock Star

This summer our church is meeting in our new "fellowship hall" building rather than the church sanctuary, as the sanctuary is not air-conditioned and the new building is. However, since the pipe organ (Nathan's job) is located in the sanctuary, Nathan established a band in which he plays keys, PJ plays drums, Keith plays electric bass, and Steve plays guitar. This Sunday PJ is out of town. While the obvious solution might be to find a substitute drummer, Nathan was itching to play drums himself, so he rotated Keith from bass to keys, himself from keys to drums, and... instructed me to learn to play the bass for tomorrow's church service.

I spent about fifteen minutes this morning fiddling around with the instrument, and that was about all it took to figure out the notes. My conclusion was something I've always suspected: instruments with frets are for sissies. That is to say, compared to the violin, the bass is refreshingly simple to play. The only challenging part is damping the strings at the right times as you finish notes and continue to play the new notes as they come along.

My new life dream is to own a pink electric bass (to sit in my living room alongside my black electric violin) and be in a band. And be a ROCK STAR.

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