Friday, November 16, 2007


Thank God it's Friday. A trip to the car mechanic, a couple of hours at the gym, kitchen cleanup, five music lessons to teach, and a choral rehearsal today and then at last it will officially be the weekend!

I'm feeling worn out lately, and I'm looking forward to the holidays for a bit of a break. Of course, I'm cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, so I doubt that will be particularly relaxing! - but I think it will at least be therapeutic and enjoyable. Christmas will be even better, because the Husb and I will get to spend time with his family and then with mine. There's something very nice about visiting family... sleeping in, lounging around and catching up on life, playing games, watching movies, relaxing... and enjoying the feeling that for a few days you are not solely responsible for the care and keeping of yourself and your husband; someone else will take care of you. Ahh.

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  1. When will you be arriving to see your family? Would love to see you and FavoriteBoy.

    God bless you with a refreshing week.~!