Monday, December 4, 2006

A Wedding Decision

It's hard to know what to write about lately. Just one month ago, I had planned to write about FavoriteBoy's brilliant success in performing the Shostakovich Second Piano Concerto with the orchestra at school. The concert was on November 5, and he was a big hit. He received the most enthusiastic standing ovation I've seen in a long time! Our friend Michael conducted the performance and I know they enjoyed collaborating together.

I had planned to write about the speeding ticket I got but didn't deserve, and how I went to court twice and finally won and had the ticket revoked.

I planned to write about our pre-marital counseling, and how much we enjoy our sessions with our pastor. We have found the counseling to be very affirming of our relationship; our pastor even told us that we are uniquely mature in our preparation for marriage, and that we're unquestionably "good to go!"

All of that seems a very long time ago now.

I miss being able to talk to my Mom. Most days I am able to hold things together well, but sometimes the little things make me very sad. FavoriteBoy and I chose and bought our wedding bands on Saturday, and I wanted so much to be able to call Mom and tell her about them.

Last week in church an elderly man had some medical problems during the second service. A team of EMTs rushed in and took him out on a stretcher. And silly me, I burst into tears sitting in the front pew of church. I didn't even know the man, and of course it wasn't about that. And as it turned out, he was fine -- he was back in church yesterday. It just hit too close to home, seeing the team come in and take him out, and all I could think about was my Mom.

Well, Nathan and I have decided to go ahead with the wedding on January 6. Mom won't be there, of course, and I doubt that Dad will attend either given Mom's condition. It was very hard to make a decision, but we had to just do the best we could given the circumstances. Dad agrees that we are doing the right thing and shouldn't postpone things indefinitely, and knowing he thinks that helps me feel a lot better. In any case, I obviously can't get married without my parents present, so wonderful Nathan is coming out to California with his immediate family, and we will get married the weekend prior to our planned wedding date. We'll get married wherever Mom is -- in the hospital, in a rehab facility... we don't know yet! It will be unique and memorable. My family and Nathan's family will be there; that's what matters. Then we will fly out to PA and go through with the ceremony we had planned. It will be busy and crazy and I'm not sure yet how I will deal with everything, but we'll make it!

And there is so much to do between now and then!


  1. Oh, girl.

    I kind of lost track of you for a while, so I want to let you know that I'm excited about your wedding plans- I think you're doing absolutely the right thing and it's fantastic that you can go to your mom and have the celebration with your friends on the east coast.

    I'll be praying for you and Nathan and for your mom, that she'll be able to participate a little in the actual wedding, and that you can get all of the pesky legal and detail stuff worked out.

    I know it'll be great.

  2. Hey Sarah: This brings greetings and prayers from Wheaties. Bob Spurgin alerted us about your mom's stroke early in Nov. Judi and I pray for her and for your family. A hospital wedding with Sandy's involvement sounds really good. Re: cliches It's ok to hate them, but as you're discarding them,look for the truth they tend to contain. Re: emotion It's ok to show emotion, though not always comfortable, it's pretty natural.