Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Communism in Massachusetts

In less than two weeks, I get to move into my new apartment. I'm really excited about it.

Unfortunately, this apartment just happens to be in The Worst State in the Union (sometimes referred to as Massachusetts). There are a number of reasons why living in Massachusetts is far from the optimal situation. One of those reasons had the opportunity to be rectified yesterday by our state legislators. Unfortunately, but not altogether surprisingly, the legislators decided to keep things just as wretched as they currently are, rather than effect change.

The unfortunate situation I'm talking about is the cost and type of car insurance in the state of Massachusetts. All insurance here is No Fault, which basically means I benefit not at all for having a clean driving record, and I am penalized for all the terrible drivers in Boston. I pay an exorbitantly high premium to compensate for the reckless drivers that surround me on my commute each day.

You see, Massachusetts is essentially a Communist state. Unlike the other 49 states in the Union, which thrive on a free market economy and encourage competition, in Massachusetts, our government officials will do anything they can to prevent these circumstances from being allowed. Car insurance rates are sky-high because regulations are such that no insurance company is permitted to offer competetive rates. Consequently, companies like Geico, State Farm, and many others don't even bother to operate here. In fact, while our neighboring states have hundreds of auto insurance companies from which to choose, here in Massachusetts we have about a dozen.

Yesterday, the legislature had the opportunity to rectify the dreadful insurance situation and make a lot of happy citizens, encourage a flourishing economy, and promote healthy competition. Instead, they decided to keep things exactly as they are. Very clever of them. I hate Massachusetts.

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