Thursday, December 22, 2005

Behold My Artistic Prowess

Part of being home means having Dad announce - within the first day or two of vacation - "So Ziz, can you come into work and help me with some projects?" Summers are filled with technical writing for user manuals and help files, catchy you-know-you-want-it writing for newsletters and advertisements, and even drawing teeny tiny pictures on the computer that became the icons for Dad's PatternSmith software:

Yes, I made them. I have to admit, I'm kind of proud of them. They're cute.

So now here I am, home for Christmas, and I get to come into my Dad's new building, which, incidentally, is awesome, and help with a few more things. Right now I'm working on the user manual for the X5 cutting system. And a funny thing happened about 30 minutes ago. Here I sat, typing away in Quark XPress, and my Dad's general manager came over and asked me, "How are things going with the manual?" "Okay," I replied. "I have a few things I'll need Dad's help with, but he's not in today, so I'm just doing the best I can for now." "Well, we really need it done by today," Manager says. He's never been the pushy type, and Dad hadn't mentioned anything about this time deadline, so I was a little surprised. "I mean really, is there anything I can do to make you work a little faster?" Manager continues. "I thought you could do this project quickly." I, a bit taken aback, start to reply, when Manager begins to laugh. "You're doing fine, Sarah. Your Dad just called and asked me to put some pressure on you, pour on some heat. He said he wants to make sure you get a bad headache in the next few days."

This might seem cruel or at the very least odd, but to me, it was funny and endearing.

You see, this morning I went to see the doctor about my strange set of problems - you know, headaches, nausea, choking sensation, fatigue, those things. And among other suggestions, the doctor gave me some migraine medication, saying that taking that next time a bad headache comes on will help us determine whether my headaches are in fact migraines or not. Dad wants me to get a wicked bad headache while I'm still home for break so that we can figure out whether the medication works or not.

My Dad is the best. He makes me laugh.

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