Friday, May 27, 2005

Time With Family

I am in Southern California, spending my days holding, changing, cuddling, and playing with the most adorable baby boy currently in this world. Yes... my nephew is perfect and cute from head to toe!

Wednesday I babysat for almost nine hours while Emily and Gabe went out to celebrate their anniversary. We had a great time, baby Jonathan and I. Libby came over for part of the time too, and that was splendid.

Yesterday I went with Emily to her "Mom's group" in the park. I had a marvelous time and the whole experience was like a breath of fresh air. I got to play with three cute babies and observe three wonderful mothers, one of whom struck me as rather exactly the sort of mother I would be, if I ever become a mother. It was great. Then yesterday evening I went to the senior recital of a violinist at Biola, a girl I was friends and classmates with during my freshman year. I saw a few old friends and talked to the violin teacher here, whom I studied with for one semester during my freshman year. It's a small world - she used to study with the man who is now my teacher! It was nice to talk to her. I also talked to Kelly, another violinist graduating this year. It was nice to talk to someone who is basically in the same position in life that I am, grappling with the same questions, issues, and concerns, and dealing with the same sort of stress.

This morning I've held Baby Jonathan almost all morning. When I would put him down, he'd cry, but when I'd hold him, he'd snooze... so I held him all morning and it was wonderful. Emily took some cute pictures of him snuggled up against my chest as I lay on my back on the couch. He's just a cutie pie. I will post some pictures sometime, I'm sure.

Today is Torrey graduation!

As you can tell, I'm having a great time. It's weird; time in the world of a stay-at-home Mom-of-a-baby seems to go at once both incredibly fast and incredibly slowly - I can't really explain it but that's how it feels. I love it.

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