Monday, November 29, 2004

1) So I went to class the morning after writing my last post, finished paper in hand, only to find out that the entire class had been granted an extension and the paper wasn't due for another week. Apparently the teacher told this to the class when I had left the room to get my accompanist, or something. Because I know I would remember something as super as an extension on a due date, and I don't remember ever hearing anything about that. Anyway, I wasn't too upset because I was glad to have gotten it done anyway. And now that it's, well, now, I realize that I'd be twice as stressed about trying to write the paper now. Because now I have other things to worry about, like an essay on Pincher Martin and twentieth century music, and practicing for tons of performances/coachings/lessons/juries coming up. And, and, and... yeah.

2) Courtney called me... she and Michael are engaged! Happysuperhappywhee!!!

3) Thanksgiving was good. I went with Nathan to his roommate's house. It was fun. And from there Nathan and I took the commuter rail/T into Boston twice, because Nathan was playing organ for a wedding at Park Street Church over the weekend. I had a great time... I spent plenty of time relaxing, but I also read Pincher Martin and got in at least a little practicing.

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