Friday, September 17, 2004

I'm back at school. All is well and good and okay, for the most part. I'm scared about Interpretive Analysis, which is proving to be a somewhat difficult course. I'm nervous about being able to work hard enough and accomplish enough in my violin lessons this semester. I'm taking piano lessons for credit this semester too, and while I'm excited about that and I think I'll like my teacher a lot, I'm a bit worried about finding the time to practice. I'm in orchestra, chamber music, and choir... choir! It's really fun; I love it already. Jaana joined choir as well, and it's really fabulous to sit next to her and just sing our little hearts out. We're doing Mendelssohn's Elijah, and even though for the real performance I'll be playing in the orchestra instead of singing in the choir, it's still really fun to get to sing the choruses in rehearsal. We're also doing some nice double-choir pieces, some cheesy but fabulous songs, and various other cool pieces. So yes, so far I am loving choir.

Other than all of that, I have a class called Newton to Einstein to fulfill my core science requirement. All I shall say about that is that it provides me with a nice time for an hour-long nap three days a week. But we have an exam coming up, so I guess I should start reading the book. Heh.

I've been kept quite busy lately by the theater department's production of the musical The Secret Garden - I'm playing in the pit orchestra, and it's turning out to be a somewhat sizeable time commitment on my part. Of course, it is okay because I will soon get a nice paycheck to make everything worthwhile. And to be honest, in the meantime, I am actually enjoying it a bit. Of course, the first two shows were more enjoyable than the four that followed, and when I consider that we still have seven shows left, I'm feeling a bit unenthusiastic about that at the moment, but all in all, it's okay. I have a soft spot in my heart for cheesy musicals, I guess... and this one has some great songs and wonderful moments.

I had my first violin lesson this Wednesday. Longest lesson ever... my lesson time ended up going from about 9:00-11:15 pm. But we talked, and even though it was really hard, it was a good thing, I think. I think my teacher and I understand each other a little bit better now. I hope that things go well this year. Oh, and I hope I can be diligent and work very hard this semester... there are so many goals I have set, so many things I would like to achieve.

In other news, my apartment is really fun. I enjoy all the girls in the apartment a lot, and I love having a kitchen.

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