Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I have now finished three years of college.

I got home last Friday. JetBlue is pretty nice. Being home is pretty nice, too.

The night before my flight, everything in my room was already packed up, so I just stayed up all night with Kate and Nathan. We got into the locked classroom in the locked music building (hehe) and watched The Music Man on the projector screen. Yeah, we're dorks... but it was fun. (One night a few weeks ago we stayed up all night and went to the beach around 5:00 am for the sunrise. That was fun, too.)

So after getting home, on Saturday I went to hear my teacher perform in Reno with the Reno Chamber Orchestra. He played the Mendelssohn violin concerto. Ohh, I was impressed. He's so fabulous. Before the concert, he came out into the audience and chatted with me for a bit, and afterwards, I stopped to talk to him while he was signing autographs. I couldn't help feeling a bit, well, special... this amazing violinist is my teacher. I am so lucky.

The conductor of the RCO was pretty amusing to watch. Also, he provided extra sound effects... kinda Glenn Gould-ish, if you know what I mean. Very entertaining.

Almost all of my friends from school are in Europe right now, either for the choir tour or the wind ensemble tour. Hey, dudes... I want to go to Europe.

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