Friday, June 17, 2016

these lovely days

Spring has come and nearly gone already, alternately floating by in golden moments and flying by in the days that seem to move too swiftly.

We've watched the magnolias bloom and then watched the blooms fade away and the green leaves come.

We've filled an old piano frame with dirt and subsequently planted lettuces in it.

We've enjoyed rainy spring days as well as the sunshiny ones, floating boats and splashing in puddles.

We've frolicked in fields of buttercups...

...and in our own front yard.

There have been trips to the park, and a trip to the beach!

We've seen the water lilies blossom and held frogs in our hands.

And what would spring be without an ice cream cone on a sunny, warm day?

Here's to a summer as lovely as spring has been!

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