Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things I Love

Christmas music

the way my head fits against my husband's chest; how he massages my head with his fingers.

suspensions in music; today particularly in Corelli

baking cookies for people I love

a soft mattress


my parents, and my in-laws, for being wonderful and for loving us


Christmas lights - especially the icicle kind

being well-rested enough to enjoy jumping up and cooking for my husband when he's hungry

my parents, for still being crazy about each other

the fact that my Mom is alive after a close call four years ago

making gifts for my nephews - I love those kids

totaling up my 2010 income and hearing my husband say I have impressive earning power

having a holiday and being able to bundle myself up in blankets on the couch and just relax

dreaming about the future and how it will all just keep getting better

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