Friday, March 5, 2010

Car Inspection

I suspect that my car just passed inspection because the mechanic who worked on it thought I was cute.

I'm not sure whether to be flattered or deeply disturbed by this turn of events:

I had been dreading getting my car inspected because, well, my horn doesn't work. At all. So I knew it would fail, and then I'd have to spend the money to fix my horn. Which I obviously need to do for safety reasons, but I don't have a pile of money sitting around, and if I did, I'd rather spend it on this amazing new violin bow I've been trying out and am completely in love with. But my inspection sticker was expired, so off I went to a little garage in Danvers.

The mechanic who took my car asked for my registration papers, and glancing over them, said, "Sarah... what a pretty name." I smiled and thanked him, and waited inside with two other mechanics while my car was inspected. In about ten minutes, the mechanic pulled my car up alongside the office with a new sticker on it - it had passed! He made a couple of borderline flirty comments while I paid, and then walked me to my car, where he winked at me and said, "Sarah, please come see me again soon, and bring me this car, so I can fix your horn. It doesn't work."

The moral of the story, I think, is that there are certain occasions in life for which you ought to get dressed up and put on a little makeup. Concerts, recitals, church, professional events, and going to the car mechanic are all among these events.

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